Killi expedition to Cameroon - January 2013

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Departure for Cameroon!

12/31/2012 - Route : Bordeaux -> Paris -> Douala

It is 05:00 am in the morning! After a very short night, the awakening gives the starting signal of this new journey, which looks rich in sensations and in fishes. We leave Bordeaux and his 8C, and after long hours of plane(s), we arrive at Douala where reigns a warm and wet climate in this saison.
The exit of the airport is shaken as usual. We leave this hostile place thanks to Dad Dass and its liked bein taxi and together with Cyrille, in the direction of our hotel ("Le foyer du marin").

After a break cool drink and a welcome meal, it is the hour to wish happy New Year!

the history will retain that France won on Spain at the billiards, at the end of epic parties... the revenge will be for tomorrow!



In the plane

Obelix is hungry