Killi expedition to Cameroon - January 2013

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The adventure of Kekem

01/02/2013 - Route : Douala -> Kekem -> Dschang

Departure planned at 8 am. Real departure of Douala: 10 hours! The time when the driver settles his driving licence and to make some last purchases. After 2:30 am of road, here we are arrived at Kekem and its neighborhood, to fish the famous Aphyosemion kekemense. Three hours later, NOTHING! Would he have disappeared? The sources of the place seem to be contaminated by coffee plantation.

We leave then in the direction of Dschang. The rise was hard for the car: overheating of the engine. The peach will end 2 hours later around of Dschang.

But the day is not ended for all that the hotel, without water, but with cockroaches(sneaks), will be our refuge for night. The supper? We shall say to you if he(it) passed well tomorrow... Good night!



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