Killi expedition to Cameroon - January 2013

The Adventures of Asterix and Obelix...

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Obélix makes the show !

01/04/2013 - Route : Bamenda -> Ndop -> Kumbo -> Nkambe

More than 170km are at the program of the day to leave elberti zone to go in that of Fp. nigérianus.
We make a stage for Ndop to fish for an elberti with yellow dominant. Result: we return one 9e of elberti … Blue! We continue the road towards Nkambe. Several points/stops are made, without one killi. We end the day of fishing with a point to the North of Nkambe. He will end by a descent on foot to fish only for Labeo!!!

This is when the Boria show begins! Once taken up the hotel room, Obélix breaks the window... By leaving to eat in town, he verifies that the door of the room is well closed but Obelix does not feel its strength and breaks the lock of the door! There is only the bed... but what's happened during the night?!

Tomorrow direction routes to north of the "ring-road" and the wild part of the journey.