Killi expedition to Cameroon - January 2013

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Fundulopanchax nigerianus in Cameroon…

01/05/2013 - Route : Nkambe -> Misaje -> Dumbo -> Wum

The day was dedicated to the fishing of Fundulopanchax nigerianus. And it is the case! We wished to go fishing to Misaje to see if they were always present: yes! We take advantage of it to go farther to Dumbo to collect it of autres.
We leave then towards Wum, in passing the "Reserve" of Kimbi (the opportunity to make some points furthermore) and by making a bend for notorious lake Nyos. We go fishing in the city of Weh and fall on Fundulo different from the precedents.
Once arrived at Wum and the found hotel, we wait for the moment of the dinner, not having been able to eat during the day. Error! No restaurant for "us". Cyrille will bring back to us some bananas and biscuits, what will make our thin meal of the day.
Tomorrow, direction(management) Mamfe. We decide to make 2 stages in the only one to be allowed a day of free later in the journey.