Killi expedition to Cameroon - January 2013

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A day full of surprises.

01/09/2013 - Route : Kumba -> Kurume -> Bakossi -> Kumba

9 hours: a little bit late departure, but small day of planned. We take back the (bad) road of the day before to go to fish for Fundulopanchax cinnamomeus. Made thing.
On the way back, the objective concerns to the Aphyosemion celiae winifredae. For the second research, we damage seriously the car... Obliged to turn back. We filter in on Aphyosemion celiae celiae, near the old point ADGP 11-26. And there later 20min of fishing from strange Chromaphyosemion and a female young person Aphyo celiae certainly (which not is not one in reality). We ask to Cyrille to go to go fishing on the other side of the bridge to find a male.
The chance is with us let us fall on of numerous Fundulopanchax marmoratus!!!

A day of fishing ended at about 3:30 pm, we return in the hotel. The continuation will not be surely. Between the changes of water of the 60aine of bags, the sending of e-mail, etc. we thus sleep us finally at 1 am in the morning.