Killi expedition to Cameroon - January 2013

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A day in "the death row".

01/13/2013 - Route : Douala -> Edea -> Eseka -> Kahn -> Douala

This is the way Cameroonians nickname the heavy axis between Douala and Yaounde and one quickly understand(include) why when we are there! Let's go back to the subject euh fishes! Day peach(fishing): Aphyosemion lividum (or ahli?!), Aphyosemion raddai with Epiplatys esekanus, Aphyosemion amoenum. Good day on that side(in that respect)!
But it set more time than planned, and we find ourselves without water for the evening changes. It was thus necessary to us to buy 4 tins of 10 liter mineral water each, by arriving at Douala at about 8 pm. The evening is only beginning, we are tired and we have pain everywhere. 6 at 8 am a day in the car, without being able to move a toe, and badly by sitting, that does not forgive!
Evening objective: do not end the changes of water at the same time that yesterday: 03:30 am!!!
Objective of tomorrow: the morning for a last change of hotel, and afternoon to fish for Aphyo franzwerneri.