Killi expedition to Cameroon - January 2013

The Adventures of Asterix and Obelix...

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The end of the adventures of Astérix and Obélix

01/17/2013 - Route : Douala -> Airport -> Destination Bordeaux

The last day in Cameroon begins, and it is not the easiest. It is necessary to prepare all the bags for the journey, and to cross the event of the airport to Douala. But before swimming pool! We begin the preparations at 10 am with Cyrille. They will end at 4 pm with 3 full suitcases to be torn! Having to embaler 68 bags of fishes, and taken a glass(had a drink) on the terrace of the coffee, it is the hour of the last bathing! 19 hours: direction the airport. We are the first ones for this flight. We thus take time to cross all the controls. Once in departure lounge: " Mr Aubin, it is necessary to go to customs! ". And it left. This time, 2 customs women are much more susceptible; one will confide that his father is a fish breeder. Here we are in departure lounge with all the validated controls. Bordeaux, here we are!

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