Killi expedition to Cameroon - January 2013

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The day which would have been able to annihilate everything...

01/18/2013 - Route : Douala -> Paris -> Bordeaux

Here we are left. The flight to join France takes place at night, with an arrival to Paris planned at 6:30 am. But it does not necessarily mean that we slept. Quite a lot of turbulences, a dinner and a breakfast came to give rhythm to the trajet.
Paris, 6:30 am. Descent of the plane:-5C, transfer by bus in the terminal welcome to France! We hurry to take the flight following for Bordeaux (departure 07:40 am). Only, the controls of customs, policemen, change of terminal, take time to us. We arrive finally at the boarding gate 07:41 am. Air France refuses to make us rise.
Luggage is on the tarmac, outside, by-5C. The anxiety rises. Are fishes going to hold 2:30 am in this cold?! We arrive to Bordeaux at around midday. Franck, Eric and Guillemette are there to welcome us, without forgetting the present for Boria: Happy Meal carefully kept warm by Franck! We are pressed to arrive at the apartment to see the state of poissons.
After several hours of anxiety, phew! Everything goes well. The water is very cold, but in priori, few losses. We unpack suitcases and direction Mc Donalds with Sam, Micka, John and their partners who join us.
The continuation of the day will be an unpacking of bags with distribution of fishes till 03:30 am of the morning! Still one thank you to Franck and Eric for their big help and this unique moment to the restaurant! The journey comes to an end. There are not more than the acclimatizations (tomorrow), to rest, and to think already to the next one...